Use our reports, suggestions, and teacher communication to help your child grow to their full potential


Where is your child improving?

Our parents reports help you understand exactly how well your child is doing in every subject taught at their learning center. This type of data helps you understand what type of educational activities you should do with your child to help them improve in things that they may not grasp as well while they are at school.

Don't be left in the dark on how well your child is learning.

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Tools to help parents be the educator

Every parent wants to help their children be the best they can be, but we're not all great educators. Our suggestion engine helps any parent know what types of books, apps, videos, songs, and plenty of other documents that will help you improve your child's education in specific subjects that they need help with.

We help you bring your child's education home with you.

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Chat with your child's teacher anytime

Open communication between a parent and their child's teacher is one of the most important keys to improving that child's top tier education. Our messaging system allows you to easily message teachers, to ask questions, ask for suggestions, find out if they worked on anything specific today. And gives teachers a way to message parents about things they think could help your child if they work with them at home.

Talking to your child's teacher has never been so easy.

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